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Thread: Race seats

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    Race seats

    Hi guys,

    I'd like to start doing more events in my e46 M3. Wanna get couple of racing seats. What are you guys using ?

    I'm 179cm tall and waist is around 34-6". 88kg..

    Also what places to shop at? (I know of Racer industries in QLD)


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    I've got a pair of Recaro Pole positions. They are side mounted, Ive got sliders for driver & pax.

    The pole positions are good because they splay out sightly in the hip area which allows you to use a standard seat belt as well as harnesses. This is also good for passengers who are a bit wider in the hips. Ive had some passengers who are on the larger side and they said they were comfortable.
    This is an old picture, Ive now got the seatbelt fed through the outside hole. Also got a rear cage fitted now, with 6 point harnesses but don't use the harnesses on the road.

    You can see in the pic what I mean about the wider hip area.

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    I got a really good deal on an OMP first-r seat from go gear out your way in perth

    guy Ivan was super friendly and easy to deal with

    I'm basically you dimensions (181 bare foot, 90kg) and the seat fits me awesome
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