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Thread: E36 328i Coupe Central Locking

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    E36 328i Coupe Central Locking

    Hi guys, first time poster here

    I have a problem with my driver's side door lock, the inside door pin is stiff (won't budge up or down).
    I've searched through 20pages here but found nothing.

    I ended up buying another door lock actuator after reading around the internet that this can cause it, but a new one didn't help. The actuator isn't the problem.

    What I have found though is when i manually close the door latch striker on the side of the door with a screwdriver, the inside pin moves freely allowing the central locking to work properly.

    I then need to pull on the outside handle to unlock the latch but the inside pin goes stiff and won't budge again.

    To lock the driver's side door I first need to manually lock the boot lock (locks all doors bar the drivers door), then manually lock the driver's door.

    Would replacing the door lock mechanism fix this problem or can i service my existing one?

    Any help much appreciated!
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    I'd suggest New mechanism or even better, go to a wreckers and pull a whole door apart then play around with it at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sav325 View Post
    I'd suggest New mechanism or even better, go to a wreckers and pull a whole door apart then play around with it at home.
    Thanks for the suggestion sav.

    Well I thought I'd give it another go.

    I found that the inside door plunger/pin was free to move, so I unclipped the actuator that I left hanging in the door cavity with zip ties (thought I'd need to take out the mechanism any way), clipped in the actuator and viola.... she works.
    Chuffed I got it working, I connected the speaker and mirror connections on the door card and in she goes.
    No dice, It's back to it's old tricks again.
    Took off door card, disconnected speaker and mirror connections and reinstalled door card without them connected. Again no dice.

    Took the door card right off and tried it again, it works.
    The inside door plunger/pin is stiff again though, with no door card in it. But it does work.
    The pin/plunger isn't obstructed by the door card via the insert in the card so I'm once again scratching my head.

    What the hell is going on here?

    Dicky door handle lock? Dicky mechanism?

    I work in electronics but this one has got me stumped.

    Any idea folks?


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    Another day, another try fixing this issue

    Just got out of work, hit the key fob.... doors unlock.
    Then tried manually locking, unlocking the driver's door while door open (works on passenger door) and nothing.... door pin inside also won't move.

    Tried wiggling the key in the lock cylinder while pushing up down on the interior lock pin and bam... it moves freely again.
    Outside door cylinder lock also moves freely in both directions, unlocking and locking all doors.

    Got home and re-tested.... again no dice

    I've tired wd40 in the lock cylinder but that didn't help, I'm guessing this isn't the issue.

    And as stated before locks seem normal when the latch/striker is in the close position with the door open, both key and inside pin move freely while locking unlocking.

    So it works at times then doesn't, more-so doesn't.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated before i take the whole thing apart (with a big hammer in close proximity).

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