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Thread: browns gas. ho2 from water

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    Umm, I don't think I'm getting it.

    Are you saying you want to convert your car to run a steam engine???

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    He wants to use electricity from his alternator to break down H2O into H2 and O2, then feed them into his intake to burn in his engine.

    Simple physics dictates that you'll never get more energy back during combustion than you put into separation.

    Some argue that the "Brown's Gas" in the mixture has beneficial effects, but it's difficult to find credible research (using robust scientific methods, which adequately control significant variables) which supports this argument.

    Most backyarders take a baseline economy figure, then add the Brown's Gas system, give the engine a thorough tune-up, then service the rest of the vehicle and claim the benefits are due to the Brown's Gas.

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    Thumbs up hydrogen gas man

    the new bmw has a hydrogen gas hybird

    on internet theres coversions to h20 kits
    similer to lpg gas on cars .
    BUT hydrogen from water is free , type in water for cars or h2o and many web sites selling ebay as well.?
    the tecknology has been around over 100 yrs ,
    good for diesel engines in trucks :, gas , and petrol engines .
    get average 20% more fuel economy for free if instal more on car more fuel economy . maybe government rebate for conversion .?only cost few hundred $ to buy.
    its polution free as its waste product is water oxygen from exaust pipe as it converts back to water .
    the tecnology by voltage amps seperates hydrogen gas from water , it then burns gas in car engine then converts back to water by chemical fusion ? simple and free no storage tank required like new bmw model hybird , or lpgas tank storage .. it makes instant and uses gas ?
    lets face it to run a bmw on petrol is only making oil companys rich , allso the bmw will run better as its high burn rate in combustion engine were as petrol only burns 20% of fuel the rest goes out exaust pipe as polution ?
    my bmw runs like a tank heavy on fuel $20.00 to 100 klm 1984-323 and 1989-735il models . nice cars BUT. one day id like to go on a trip without the costings . or go to the shop.?

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    if you get your car tuned properly if its not you will probably get better fuel economy

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