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Thread: Blown head gasket

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    Blown head gasket

    Hi guys.

    I drive a 2001 Bmw 318i and last night driving on the freeway my engine was overheating, unfortunately for me I had to continue driving because of an emergency situation.

    Very long story short, this caused my engine to overheat completely blow my head gasket, with all the usuals - smoke coming out of engine, car shaking and radiator problems due to coolant leaking.

    Anyway, I've got two questions.

    1 - How much am I looking at? I know with blown head gaskets that it's not only that which requires fixing, there's other parts which are most likely damaged as well. Roughly, what am I looking at?

    2 - More importantly, does anyone know any mechanics in Melbourne who can help me out efficiently and not so expensively? I know if I take this to a BMW specialist, they'll clean out my pockets, and I'm still reasonably young juggling university (hecs debt) and part time work, so I don't have money coming out of my arse.

    Greatly appreciate anyones help.
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    Badluck man, all the best. I have a friend who replaced his engine due to a blown head gasket. i think it all depends on if anything has warped? ( correct me if i am wrong)

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    i dont think it'll be that cheap sorry, you'll be up for thermostat and other cooling parts and seals alot of the time, also being DOHC they do fry cams if the oil in the head gets real hot
    speak to john at bm autowerks. he's a top bloke and very honest by all accounts.he is also a supporting vendor of this site and a lot of guys here use him, i would if i was closer or had something newer sometimes a specialist is cheaper because they have the special tools and know where to get the parts cheaper and just know their way around the cars better
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    bm autowerks in oakleigh
    german auto haus in richmond

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    +1 BM Autowerks

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    Alloy or iron block?

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    Your cheapest option would be to get a second hand motor fitted.
    Most wreckers have a fitting service.

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    (In no particular order)

    BM Autowerks
    Southern BM
    Northern BM
    BM Tech
    German Auto Haus

    Will probably need to skim the head to return it to true flatness. You'll be up for a fair bit of labour to remove, disassemble, reassemble & replace, plus the additional machining costs by a cylinder head reconditioning outfit. Costs will also include a VRS Kit (intake & exhaust manifold gaskets, head gasket etc), readjusting valves, new drive belts, possibly a new water pump, hoses and radiator.

    Without knowing what the contributing factors to the overheating were, you could be looking at a long list. But the above mentioned BM specialists will take care of you with the correct parts and the right prices. Understand your situation, but you need to take care of this properly if you don't want it to rear its head again.

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    yeah it will cost no less than 3 grand from anywhere good. Try Pier Prestige in sandringham, 95335353, Dave has fixed two of my BM's with blown headgaskets.

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    use this as a sign to fit a bigger donk.
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    2001 would make it a M43. bit like the older M40 heads, these are prone to crack. If the head is warped more than 1mm. it will need to be straightened and not just skimmed. this is because the cam journals are no longer inline and this put stresses on the cam resulting in premature wear and even cam failure.

    also, if the block itself reached very high temperatures the pistons, rings and block all expand. This results in binding of the rings to the cylinder wall.

    keep in mind everything would have been fine if you pulled over at first sign of the warning lamp. pity your situation didn't allow that.

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    Thanks for all the recommendations...

    I have had some customers overheat there M43... and get out easy new hose's, plastic pipe etc... No head gasket issue.

    The flip side, its very hard to put a price on it, once we starting talking about reconditioning the cylinder head, gaskets, head bolts, hose's, plastic pipe's, thermostat, oil , filter and labour etc... Give me a call and i will give you some figures to get the ball rolling.

    My details are below, good luck.

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    Thanks for the tips guys.

    I was definitely going to take my situation to BM Autowerks, but as the last post says, the mechanic who's currently looking at it (family friend) says that it isn't a blown head gasket, which was his original call.

    So either way, I'm supposed to get my car back over the next few days, but I'm still a bit nervous about the situation, because he's not exactly the greatest mechanic.

    Either way, a service is due and I will take it to BM Autowerks within a week so they can double check.

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